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How Vapor Barriers Keep Your Family Safe

How Vapor Barriers Keep Your Family Safe

Remember the fun to play games with friends when you were a kid, where you would create fictitious scenarios and play them out? There was always the game where your house was supposedly burning down, and you could only save one thing. The one thing you chose to save was usually along the lines of a prized stuffed animal or a house pet. However, did we ever choose our family as one of the options? How about the potentially hazardous air quality within our home as one of the scenarios?
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According to a study by the Mayo Clinic, nearly all chronic sinus infections are a result of mold. Since up to 40% of the air we breathe in the home can come from the crawlspace, mold in the crawlspace means mold in the home. The EPA recommends to keep humidity levels in the crawl space to 40%–50% to reduce the likelihood of mold formation.

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