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remove mold from your crawlspace with lafayette crawlspace remediation

5 Signs You Should Do a Mold Test

Mold is one of those things that is not always obvious. But it is not an issue that is to be taken lightly. There are several health issues that come with mold. It is one of those silent killers that we at Crawlspace Remediation LLC in Lafayette, IN want to help with. These are some warning signs to mold that […]
stop mold growth in your home with crawlspace remediation

There’s a Good Reason to Be Scared of Your Crawlspace… Mold!

A house that lacks proper ventilation is more susceptible to moisture problems. Moisture problems and water damage create environments where mold thrives and can grow rapidly. Being exposed to mold can have detrimental effects on your health. Here are the most toxic molds that can be found in your home: Stachybotrys Commonly known as black […]
french drainage system installation can protect your lafayette indiana home

Drainage Systems Indianapolis | Crawlspace

Residential drainage systems are installed to move excess water away from the foundation of the home. Gutters, low walkways, and creek beds can all be reasons for considering a drainage system for your property. Water can also get into the crawlspace and cause more problems inside of your home. It is important to contact a […]
lafayette crawlspace remediation can improve air quality in your home

Beat the Summer Heat | Lafayette, IN Crawlspace Ventilation

Summer heat in crawlspaces can be bothersome. In past years, many homeowners and home designers would create vents from the crawlspace to the outdoors. However, this method has proven to be inefficient. Encapsulation of the crawlspace is necessary to regulate temperatures inside the home and to maintain the foundation of the home. There are two types of […]
stop the growth of mold in your home with crawlspace remediation in lafayette indiana

Features of Crawlspace Encapsulation Cost Lafayette, IN

What is that damp, musty smell that has recently invaded (or has been consistently plaguing) your home? Are you suddenly—or chronically—prone to allergic reactions? Does the air in your home feel a bit too moist? This is likely caused by mold that grows in dark and damp places in your home—most notably, your crawlspace. A […]
improve the air quality in your home with mold removal

Breathe Easy: Lafayette, IN Indoor Air Quality

Heat rises, and it is composed of fast moving particles. These fast-moving particles radiate out into the air. Air can contain impurities, and impurities can be added because of moisture. When moisture adds impurities to the air, mold and mildew result—and people can get sick. Lafayette, IN Indoor Air Quality According to the Mayo Clinic, […]
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